2022 Power Apps Coding Standards For Canvas Apps

2022 Power Apps Coding Standards For Canvas Apps

Welcome to the Power Apps Coding Standards For Canvas Apps.

In this guide you will find 50+ pages of coding rules, guidelines and best practices I use everyday to create Power Apps Canvas apps. I have spent the last 3 years building Power Apps every day. Now I want to share the knowledge I’ve gained in this set of easy-to-understand, actionable examples.

Power Apps already has an official set of canvas coding standards released back in 2018. So why did I make my own? A few reasons:

  • I wanted an updated set of standards and guidelines for 2022 that includes all of the latest features
  • These coding standards can be continuously improved as new Power Apps features hit “general availability” in 2023, 2024, 2025 and beyond
  • Readers can leave comments on my website describing their own best practices which I can incorporate into future versions

I hope you enjoy my Power Apps Coding Standards For Canvas Apps.

Table Of Contents

Canvas Coding Standards

Standards are the most important rules that must be followed when building an app.

  1. Naming Conventions
  2. Variable Types
  3. Commenting Code
  4. Canvas App Settings
  5. Reviewing Canvas Apps

App Design Guidelines

Guidelines are recommendations on the best way to design a canvas app.

  1. App Theming
  2. Form Design & UX Guidelines
  3. Gallery Design & UX Guidelines
  4. Error-Handling
  5. Optimizing Performance
  6. Improving Code Readability

Additional Sections

  • Change Log – tracks all updates made to the coding standards


If you have any questions about 2022 Power Apps Coding Standards For Canvas Apps please leave a message in the comments section below. You can post using your email address and are not required to create an account to join the discussion.

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3 days ago

Awesome sauce 😁

lRohit Wattamwar
lRohit Wattamwar
3 days ago

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for your fantastic work on PowerApps best practices work. Do you also have the best practices for data verse schema creations, from where PowerApps pulls data, like answers of a couple of questions below.
1. Creating a common, less complex schema for PowerApps as well as Power BI for reporting, i.e. how to handle multi selects in reporting.
2. How to create a multi select lookup columns, which data type to use to store and retrieve this information in power app
3. How to create multi select person column, irrespective of he or she is having power apps licence, they should be visible and selectable in drop down
4. How to handle a star schema like data model in power app, say 8 to 9 tables
5. How to reuse by default offering from data verse like, forms, views etc in canvas apps
6. How to work with business logics in data verse in canvas apps, the way it’s used in model driven apps.


3 days ago

I mean…this is awesome Matthew! Like really awesome.

3 days ago

This is an epic share – much appreciated 👍

3 days ago

Really nice.
Awesome job. Thanks a lot for you work and sharing

Ajit Sharma
Ajit Sharma
2 days ago

Thanks Matthew for sharing, its awsum to have all details at one place.

Sharon L
Sharon L
2 days ago

As a citizen developer, I’m not sure if you realise the absolute gift your guides and references are to the community. They are my go to every time I open Power Apps!
You are a legend!

Md. Hidayat
2 days ago

Thank you for putting this together!!

1 day ago

Matthew did it again.

Thank u for such awesome document.

Reiner Knudsen
1 day ago

Thank you, my friend, for this invaluable gift. I already loved your posts, but this summary is a magnificent support for everyday app development. You are an absolute hero.
And I LOVE the frontpage picture.