Change Log For Power Apps Coding Standards

This log tracks updates to the Power Apps Canvas Coding Standards For Canvas Apps

  • Date – when the change occurred
  • Location – where the change occurred in the format [Section Name/Heading Name]
  • Description – the type of change (Bug, Feature, etc.) and what was changed

2022-10-05Naming Conventions/Control NamesFeature – added more control prefixes for 3D Object, Component, Import, Export, Measuring Camera, Power BI Tile. Reported by Sancho Harker
2022-10-05Table Of ContentsBug – Fixed broken redirect on website for Reviewing Canvas Apps page which was causing a 301 error. Reported by Self.
2022-10-03Naming Conventions/Variable NamesBug – Variables should include the scope and purpose in their name. Previously the standards said scope, data type and purpose. Reported by Sancho Harker.
2022-10-03Variable Types/Usage ExamplesBug – Global variable example prefixed with var. Updated to gbl. Reported by Dean Moran.