The Complete Power Apps Functions List

The Complete Power Apps Functions List

Welcome to The Complete Power Apps Functions List.

On this page you will find a categorized list of 150+ Power Apps functions with links to the official documentation. Experimental functions like PDF are also included. Power Apps already has an official formulas reference so why did I do this? A few reasons:

  • I wanted a functions cheat sheet where I could quickly see all the functions and how to write them
  • Organizing all of the functions into categories makes it easier to discover new ones
  • Gaps in the official Power Apps documentation can be filled-in with my own commentary

I hope you enjoy the Power Apps Functions List.

Table Of Contents:
•  AI FunctionsColor FunctionsDatasource FunctionsDate & Time FunctionsError FunctionsForms & Controls FunctionsInformation FunctionsLogical FunctionsMath FunctionsNavigation FunctionsOffline FunctionsOther FunctionsSignals FunctionsStatistical FunctionsTable FunctionsTesting FunctionsText FunctionsTrigonometry FunctionsVariable FunctionsWeb Functions

AI Functions

AIClassifyClassifies text into a provided categorytextcategoriesallowmultiplecategories
AIExtractExtracts all entities from text such as a person’s name or phone numberstextentity
AIReplyTakes a message as input and drafts a replytext
AISentimentDetects positive, negative or neutral sentiment in a messagetext
AISummarizeSummarizes textsourcetext
AITranslateTranslates text from one language to another languagetexttargetlanguage

Color Functions

ColorSets a property to a built-in color value.
ColorFadeFades a color value.colorfade
ColorValueTranslates a CSS color name or a hex code to a color value.color_text
RGBAReturns a color value for a set of red, green, blue, and alpha components.red_valuegreen_valueblue_valuealpha_value

Datasource Functions

DataSourceInfoProvides information about a data sourcesourcedatasourceinfo_enumcolumn_name
DefaultsReturns the default values for a data sourcesource
RecordInfoProvides information about a record of a data sourcerecordrecord_info_enum
RefreshRefreshes the records of a data sourceconnected_data_source
RevertReloads and clears errors for the records of a data sourcesourceitem

Date & Time Functions

CalendarRetrieves information about the calendar for the current locale.
ClockRetrieves information about the clock for the current locale.
DateReturns a date/time value, based on Year, Month,and Day values. yearmonthday
DateAddAdds days, months, quarters, or years to a date/time value.start_datenumber_of_unitsunits
DateDiffSubtracts two date values, and shows the result in days, months,quarters, or years. start_dateend_dateunits
DateTimeValueConverts a date and time string to a date/time value.time_textlanguage_code
DateValueConverts a date-only string to a date/time value.date_textlanguage_code
DayRetrieves the day portion of a date/time
EDateAdds a given number of months to a date.datemonths
EOMonthReturns the last day of the month for a given date.datemonths
HourReturns the hour portion of a date/time value.date_time
ISOWeekNumReturns the ISO week number of a date/time
MinuteRetrieves the minute portion of a date/time value.date_time
MonthRetrieves the month portion of a date/time
NowReturns the current date/time value.
SecondRetrieves the second portion of a date/time value.date_time
TimeReturns a date/time value, based on Hour, Minute,and Second values. hourminutesecond
TimeValueConverts a time-only string to a date/time value.time_textlanguage_code
TimeZoneOffsetReturns the difference between UTC and the user’s local time in minutes. date
TodayReturns the current date value.
UTCNow Returns the current timezone independent date/time value
UTCTodayReturns the current timezone independent date value
WeekdayRetrieves the weekday portion of a date/time
WeekNumReturns the week number of a date/time
YearRetrieves the year portion of a date/time

Error Functions

ErrorsProvides error information for previous changes to a data sourcesource
ErrorA record containing the custom values for the produced error.error_information
IfErrorDetects errors and provides an alternative value or takes actionvalue1replacement1value2replacement2default_result

Forms & Controls Functions

EditFormResets a form control for editing of an item.form
NewFormResets a form control for creation of an item.form
ResetResets an input control to its default value, discarding any user changes.control
ResetFormResets a form control for editing of an existing item.form
SelectSimulates a select action on a control, causing the OnSelect formula to be evaluated.controlrow_or_columnchild_control
SetFocusMoves input focus to a specific control.control
SubmitFormSaves the item in a form control to the data source.form
ViewFormResets a form control for viewing of an existing item.form

Information Functions

IsBlankChecks for a blank valueexpression
IsBlankOrErrorChecks for a blank value or errorexpression
IsEmptyChecks for an empty tablesource
IsErrorChecks for an errorvalue
IsMatchChecks a string against a pattern. Regular expressions can be usedtextformatextent
IsNumericChecks for a numeric valuevalue
IsTodayChecks whether a date/time value is sometime todaydate
IsUTCTodayChecks whether a timezone independent date/time value is today
IsTypeChecks whether a record reference refers to a specific table typevaluetypeTable

Logical Functions

IfReturns one value if a condition is true and another value if not.logical_test1true_value1logical_test2true_value2elsevalue
AndBoolean logic AND. Returns true if all arguments are true. You can also use the && operator.logical1logical2logical3
EndsWithChecks whether a text string ends with another text string.textend
MatchExtracts a substring based on a pattern. Regular expressions can be used.textregular_expressionoptions
MatchAllExtracts multiple substrings based on a pattern. Regular expressions can be used.textregular_expressionoptions
NotBoolean logic NOT. Returns true if its argument is false, and returns false if its argument is true. You can also use the ! operator.logical
OrBoolean logic OR. Returns true if any of its arguments are true. You can also use the || operator.logical_test1true_value1logical_test2true_value2elsevalue
StartsWithChecks if a text string begins with another text string.textstart
SwitchMatches with a set of values and then evaluates a corresponding formula.switch_valuematch_value1match_result1match_value2match_result2default_result

Math Functions

AbsAbsolute value of a numbernumber
ExpConstant e raised to a powernumber
Dec2HexConverts a decimal number to a hexadecimal valuenumberplaces
Hex2DecConverts a hexadecimal value to a decimal numbernumber
IntRounds down to the nearest integernumber
LnReturns the natural lognumber
LogReturns the logarithm of a number for the given base. The default base is 10.number
ModRemainder after a number is divided by a divisornumberdivisor
PiReturns the number π
PowerNumber raised to a power. You can also use the ^ operator baseexponent
RandReturns a pseudo-random number
RandBetweenReturns a random number between bottom and top, evenly distributed bottomtop
RoundRounds a number to the closest numbernumbernum_digits
RoundDownRounds down to the largest previous number.numbernum_digits
RoundUpRounds up to the smallest next number.numbernum_digits
SqrtReturns the square root of a numbernumber
SumCalculates the sum of a table expressionsourceexpression
TruncTruncates the number to only the integer portion by removing anydecimal portion numbernum_digits
BackDisplays the previous screen.transition
ExitExits the currently running app and optionally signs out the current user.logout
NavigateChanges which screen is displayed.targettransitioncontext
RequestHideHides a SharePoint form.

Offline Functions

ClearDataClears a collection or all collections from an app host such as a local
LoadDataLoads a collection from an app host such as a local device.collectionnameignore_non_existent_file
SaveDataSaves a collection to an app host such as a local device.collectionname
ShowHostInfoDisplays information about the app user in a pop-up notificationhost_info

Other Functions

AsTypeTreats a record reference as a specific table type.valuetypeTable
BlankReturns a blank value that can be used to insert a NULL value in a data source.
CoalesceReplaces blank values while leaving non-blank values unchanged.value1value2
ConcurrentEvaluates multiple formulas concurrently with one another.formula1formula2formula3
NotifyDisplays a banner message to the user.textnotification_typetimeout
PDF*Export a screen or a container to a PDFtargetoptions
PrintOpen the web browser print dialog to print a screen or save as PDF
ReadNFC Reads a Near Field Communication (NFC) tag.
RunStarts a Power Automate Flow with the Power Apps trigger (no official documentation)parameter1parameter2

Signals Functions

AccelerationReads the acceleration sensor in your device.
AppProvides information about the currently running app and control over the app’s behavior.
CompassReturns your compass heading.
ConnectionReturns information about your network connection.
DisableDisables a signal, such as Location for reading the GPS.
EnableEnables a signal, such as Location for reading the GPS.
LanguageReturns the language tag of the current user.
LocationReturns your location as a map coordinate by using the Global Positioning System (GPS) and other information.
UserReturns information about the current user

Statistical Functions

AverageCalculates the sum of a table expressionsourceexpression
CountCounts a single column table of records that contain numberssource
CountACounts a single column table of records that aren’t emptysource
CountIfCounts table records that satisfy a conditionsourcecondition1
CountRowsCounts table recordssource
MaxMaximum value of a set of numberssourceexpression
MinMinimum value of a set of numberssourceexpression
StdevPStandard deviation of a table of a table expressionsourceexpression
VarPReturns the variance of its argumentssourceexpression

Table Functions

AddColumnsReturns a table with columns added.sourcecolumn1expression1column2expression2
Choices Returns a table of the possible values for a lookup column.columnsearchtext
ClearDeletes all data from a collection.collection
ClearCollectDeletes all data from a collection and then adds a set of records.collectionitem1item2
CollectCreates a collection or adds data to a data source.collectionitem1item2
DistinctSummarizes records of a table, removing duplicates.sourceexpression
DropColumnsReturns a table with one or more columns removed.sourcecolumn_name1column_name2
Filter Returns a filtered table based on one or more criteria.sourcelogical_test1logical_test2
FirstReturns the first record of a table.source
FirstNReturns the first set of records (N records) of a table.sourcecount
ForAllCalculates values and performs actions for all records of a table.sourcecount
GroupByReturns a table with records grouped together.sourcecolumn_name1column_name2group_name
IndexReturns a row from a table at the specified row numbertableindex
JSONGenerates a JSON text string for a table, a record, or a value.dataformat
LastReturns the last record of a table.source
LastNReturns the last set of records (N records) of a table.sourcecount
LookUpLooks up a single record in a table based on one or more criteria.sourceconditionresult
PatchModifies or creates a record in a data source, or merges records outside of a data source.sourcerecordupdate1update2
RelateRelates records of two tables through a one-to-many or many-to-many relationship.Entity1RelatedTableEntity2Record
RemoveRemoves one or more specific records from a data source.collectionitem1item2
RemoveIf Removes records from a data source based on a condition. collectioncondition1condition2condition3
RenameColumnsRenames columns of a table.sourceold_column1new_column1old_column2new_column2
SearchFinds records in a table that contain a string in one of their columns.sourcetextcolumn1column2
SequenceGenerate a table of sequential numbers, useful when iterating with ForAll.recordsstartstep
ShowColumnsReturns a table with only selected columns.sourcecolumn_name1column_name2
ShuffleRandomly reorders the records of a table.source
SortReturns a sorted table based on a formula.sourceexpressionorder
SortByColumnsReturns a sorted table based on one or more columns.sourcecolumn1order1column2order2
TableCreates a temporary table.record1record2record3
UngroupRemoves a grouping.sourcegroup_name
UnrelateUnrelates records of two tables from a one-to-many or many-to-many relationship.Entity1RelatedTableEntity2Record
UpdateReplaces a record in a data source.collectionoldnewall
UpdateIfModifies a set of records in a data source based on a condition.collectioncondition1item1condition2item2

Testing Functions

AssertEvaluates to true or false in a test.expression
SetPropertySimulates interactions with input controls. control_propertyvalue
TraceProvide additional information in your test results.messageseveritycustom_recordtrace_options

Text Functions

BooleanConverts text to a true or false valuetext
CharTranslates an ASCII character code into a string.number
ConcatJoins text strings from a data source.tableexpressionseparator
ConcatenateJoins text stringstext1text2
CopyTakes a text value and copies it to the clipboardtext
DecimalConverts a string to a decimal numbervaluelanguage
FindChecks whether one string appears within another and returns thelocation.find_textwithin_textstart_num
FloatConverts a string to a float numbervaluelanguage
GUIDConverts a GUID string to a GUID value or creates a new GUID value.GUID_String
LeftReturns the left-most portion of a string.textnum_chars
LenReturns the length of a string.text
LowerConverts letters in a string of text to all lowercase.text
MidReturns the middle portion of a string.textstart_numbernum_chars
ParseJSONInterprets a JSON string and returns an untyped objectinput
ProperConverts the first letter of each word in a string to uppercase, andconverts the rest to lowercase.text
Replace Replaces part of a string with another string, by starting position ofthe string.old_textstart_numnum_charsnew_text
RightReturns the right-most portion of a string.textnum_chars
SplitSplits a text string into a table of substrings.textseparator
SubstituteReplaces part of a string with another string, by matching strings.textold_textnew_textinstance_number
TextConverts any value and formats a number or date/time value to a stringof text.valueformat_textlanguage
TrimRemoves extra spaces from the ends and interior of a string of text.text
TrimEndsRemoves extra spaces from the ends of a string of text only.text
UniCharTranslates a Unicode character code into a string.number
UpperConverts letters in a string of text to all uppercase.text
ValueConverts a string to a number.valuelanguage

Trigonometry Functions

AcosReturns the arccosine of a number, in radians.number
AcotReturns the arccotangent of a number, in radians.number
AsinReturns the arcsine of a number, in radians.number
AtanReturns the arctangent of a number, in radians.number
Atan2Returns the arctangent based on an (x,y) coordinate, in radians.x_coordinatey_coordinate
CosReturns the cosine of an angle specified in radians.number
CotReturns the cotangent of an angle specified in radians.number
DegreesConverts radians to degrees.number
RadiansConverts degrees to radians.number
SinReturns the sine of an angle specified in radians.number
TanReturns the tangent of an angle specified in radians.number

Variable Functions

SetSets the value of a global variable.variablevalue
UpdateContextSets the value of one or more context variables of the current screen.context
WithCalculates values and performs actions for a single record, including inline records of named values.scopeformula

Web Functions

DownloadDownloads a file from the web to the local device.address
EncodeUrlEncodes special characters using URL encoding.text
HashTagsExtracts the hashtags (#strings) from a string.text
LaunchLaunches a webpage or a canvas app.addressparameter_name1parameter_value1parameter_name2parameter_value2target
Param Access parameters passed to a canvas app when
PlainTextRemoves HTML and XML tags from a string.text

* Experimental functions must be enabled in the Power Apps upcoming features menu


If you have any questions about The Complete Power Apps Functions List please leave a message in the comments section below. You can post using your email address and are not required to create an account to join the discussion.

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2 years ago

Great collection, thanks!

David C.
David C.
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Awesome post, as usual. Thanks, Matt.

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Thank You for this effort

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Thank you SO much Mathew ! without you i can’t learn power apps ,i am really greatful to you

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Reiner Knudsen
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Mohammed Zaimuddin
2 years ago

Thanks for this precious stuff.

Greg Lindhorst
Greg Lindhorst
2 years ago

Awesome job Matthew! I have added docs for the Index function and RandBetween function. Index hadn’t finished rolling out worldwide yet which is why it was delayed. RandBetween was just an oversight that I’m happy to fill. Love the categorized list, that may be something we need to do with the docs too.

Gus Chessman
Gus Chessman
2 years ago

More clearence, impossible.

2 years ago

It is a great source for a beginner like me, But it would be wonderful if you put examples & images for every function, then the idea would be more clear to understand for any person. But this collection is great.

Girish Uppal
Girish Uppal
2 years ago

In the above page “Information Function” is not correctly page referenced using #tag and hence it is not navigating.

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2 years ago

Much needed, thanks!

PS: I think that the anchor link “Logical Functions” does not work

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Valerie Fahel-Schaffer
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Matt, this was a lot of work for you! And I am so impressed. Thank you, thank you, thank you! With your permission, I would like to embed this into a Teams tab just for me. (Yes, I have a Team Valerie team for just me, my admin account, and my test account.

Eileen O'Reilly-Hoisington
Eileen O'Reilly-Hoisington
2 years ago

Thank you! What a gift!!!

2 years ago

Great stuff. Thanks for compiling this!

Teresa Agustin
Teresa Agustin
2 years ago

Thank you for doing this Matt. I’ve been meaning to go through the list of functions and what they do to make sure I fully understand each one and don’t miss out on any of the less common, but powerful ones. I really appreciate the time you took to get this list so organized!

2 years ago

Is it possible to get device parameters?

2 years ago

Thank you for so much. I’m the beginner, so this site is so useful.
I would like to recommend your site to everyone in Japan.

1 year ago

What would you use for ‘contain’?

1 year ago

Hello Matthew,
is there an FX function in powerapps similar to Ticks() function in power automate ?
Thank you so much for your content

1 year ago

Hello Matthew,
thank you for your Response.

i think

Power Automate: ticks Function – Manuel T. Gomes (


Reference guide for expression functions – Azure Logic Apps | Microsoft Learn

thank you for your content, it helped me a lot in learning Powerapps.

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1 year ago

Hi Matthew,
you are so right, this way is enough. Thank you so much.
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