Secrets To Writing A Successful Power Apps Cat Blog With Matthew Devaney

Secrets To Writing A Successful Power Apps Cat Blog With Matthew Devaney

I recently sat down with Darren Neese to discuss how I created a successful Power Apps blog. In the interview we chatted about tips for creating killer content, the secret to publishing consistently, and effective strategies for getting others to notice your writing. If you are thinking of making your own content whether on Youtube or a starting a blog yourself you don’t want to miss this interview.

I’ll also reveal my true identity. Believe it or not, I am not in fact a cat! I’m just a cat lover who happens to blog about Power Apps. And please, if you liked the interview, make sure to Subscribe to Darren’s Youtube Channel for more great Power Apps tips & tricks.


0:00 – Skit
0:40 – Enter Matthew Devaney
1:06 – How many cats do you have?
1:20 – Story behind the cat theme?
2:38 – What’s your background?
3:08 – What was the transition from VBA to Power Apps like?
6:05 – Sticky sections of the blog
6:50 – Validating blog topics
8:09 – Blog writing process
9:40 – Hopeful discussions on Twitter
10:33 – Why haven’t you started a YouTube channel?
12:15 – Why don’t you rank higher in search results?
14:00 – Why it takes so long for a blog to rank?
15:50 – How to create blog titles?
16:50 – Do you use keyword tools?
17:40 – How do you select your topics?
18:30 – What if a topic has been covered before?
19:00 – Should we view other content creators as competition?
19:48 – Music taste when Power Apping
21:25 – Finding what you bring to the community that’s unique
21:55 – Why not run ads?
24:20 – Motivation to staying consistent creating content?
25:30 – Temptation to delete or modify oldest content?
26:21 – How do you promote your work?
28:00 – How many page views does the blog get?
29:30 – How satisfying it is to get a comment
31:29 – Context switching
32:20 – Hemingway App to help with writing
35:03 – App to create screen shots
35:18 – What do you do in your free time?
36:40 – Have you done much with model-driven or portals apps?
37:36 – Do you recommend using Dataverse?
38:30 – Experience with Power Automate or Power BI?
40:50 – Why no Power BI content on the blog?
41:35 – Power Automate content
42:22 – Best performing posts?
44:00 – Model-driven are quick to apps up with
44:45 – What do makers need most help with?
46:00 – Absolute beginner’s guide?
47:20 – Helpful but not obvious tip?
48:30 – Phone number mask component
50:37 – Suggested video


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Matthew Devaney

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Darren Neese
2 years ago

I love it! 😀👍👍

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1 year ago

Thank you for sharing this!

1 year ago

Thanks for sharing your secrets!