Shane Young + Matthew Devaney: Power Apps Hot Takes 🌶️

This week I sat down with Shane Young from Power Apps 911 to discuss all things Power Apps. It started off as an “Ask Me Anything” style event for our subscribers. But it quickly became a forum where we shared our “hot takes” on a host of controversial topics. I hope you enjoy watching this discussion between Shane and myself. Let me know what you think of this video in the comments section below.

Go subscribe to Shane’s Youtube channel and check out the Power Apps 911 website to see what they have to offer.

Video Chapters

0:00 Start
0:55 What is your view on Dataverse for Teams?
5:31 Rank places to store files
7:28 Are SharePoint Attachments good?
8:30 Where not to store files
9:17 Many-to-many relationships
11:23 Cats vs. dogs
14:10 Features we would like to see added
18:25 Using a Doc Library
19:06 Responsive Apps and better experiences
24:38 Power Apps Basketball team
26:30 Use Containers
28:20 Copilot and ChatGPT


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Matthew Devaney

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Don Kirkham
1 year ago

Thanks Shane & Matt! Great discussion. I am not a full-time PowerApps maker, but as a consultant and career professional developer, a majority of my recent clients want a solution and insist on it being a PowerApp/Power Platform solution. While I don’t always agree that PA/PP is the best approach, the client is “always right.” Your insight into the current and future PowerApps landscape is very interesting and valuable as I architect out these solutions. Keep up the good work!

1 year ago

You two, along with Reza have taught me so much about Power Apps this past 5 years. I’ve gone from being a complete novice to providing consultancy services to some of New Zealand’s biggest companies.

Great to listen to your chat. Thanks, Dean, New Zealand. Also, cats and dogs are both awesome (I have both).

Jason Sealy
Jason Sealy
1 year ago

Hey Matthew! Your blog has been instrumental to helping me learn power apps, as well as your character in providing free and accessible content for people to learn.

I do have a topic of interest that I thought you would do great at explaining. That being, Solution layering and ALM best practices.

All the best from Yukon, Canada,