Power Apps Filter Gallery With A People Picker

In the article Power Apps: Filter A Gallery With Multiple Dropdowns I mentioned the employee-dropdown could be replaced with a People Picker instead. Here’s how to do it:

Update the Employee column to Person type in the Paid Time-Off SharePoint list. Leave all other data the same as before.

9/1/2020Kelly SmithPersonalSubmitted
9/4/2020Kelly SmithVacationApproved
9/5/2020Kelly SmithVacationApproved
9/8/2020Jennifer HoustonVacationRejected
9/12/2020Sarah GreenPersonalSubmitted
9/13/2020Jennifer HoustonVacationApproved
9/15/2020Sarah GreenPersonalRejected
9/18/2020Kelly SmithPersonalRejected
9/19/2020Sarah GreenSickApproved
9/21/2020Jennifer HoustonPersonalSubmitted

Add the Office365Users connector to your app.

Create a ComboBox called cmb_Employee and place it beneath the Type and Status dropdowns.

Write this code in the following properties of cmb_Employee

DisplayFields: ["Display Name"]
SearchFields: ["Display Name"]
Items: Office365Users.SearchUser({searchTerm: Self.SearchText, top: 100})
IsSearchable: true
SelectMultiple: false

Then change the Items property of the Gallery to this code.

    'Paid Time Off',
    drp_Type.Selected.Value=Blank() Or TimeOffType=drp_Type.Selected.Value,
    drp_Status.Selected.Value=Blank() Or Status=drp_Status.Selected.Value,
    cmb_Employee.Selected.DisplayName=Blank() Or Employee=cmb_Employee.Selected.DisplayName

The people picker will now filter the gallery.

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