Print Barcodes From A SharePoint List

Print Barcodes From A SharePoint List

Printing barcodes from a SharePoint list cannot be done by simply printing the list. It requires a small workaround but fortunately its pretty easy to do! You can export the SharePoint list to Excel, then perform a mail merge in Microsoft Word to apply the barcodes to multiple labels and then create a barcode image using a special font. In this article I will show you how to print barcodes from a SharePoint list.

Table of Contents:
Introduction: Sheet Of Barcode Labels
SharePoint List Setup
Export SharePoint List to Excel
Mail Merge In Microsoft Word
Populate Labels With Barcode Data
Apply A Barcode Font

Introduction: Sheet Of Barcode Labels

Our goal is to make a printable sheet of barcode labels that looks like this.

SharePoint List Setup

Create a new SharePoint list called Library Books with the following columns:

  • Title
  • BookAuthor (single-line text)
  • Barcode (single-line text)
  • Quantity (number)

Populate the SharePoint list with the following data. The barcode column should be 13 characters long to ensure it follows EAN-13 format.

Walt Disney: An Americal OriginalBob Thomas97807868602725
American GodsNiel Gaiman978008247210613
Leviathan WakesJames S.A. Corey978031612908423
Chaos MonkeysAntonio Garcia Martinez97800624582098
A Game Of ThronesGeorge R. R. Martin978055310354040
The Ascent Of MoneyNiall Ferguson978014311617211
DuneFrank Herbert978044117271915

Export SharePoint List to Excel

Go to the Library Books SharePoint list and Export to an Excel Workbook.

Save the Excel workbook on your computer.

Mail Merge In Microsoft Word

Open a new document Microsoft Word. Go to the Mailings tab and select Start Mail Merge and then Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard.

In Step 1, choose the Labels document type then click Next.

In Step 2, click Label Options and then choose the label vendor and product number from the menu. Most popular labels can be found here. If yours is not shown in the list click Find Updates On

Once we’ve selected our label options the label document template will appear on the page. Then go to onto the next step.

Populate Labels With Barcode Data

Now we will load the barcode data onto the labels. In Step 3, select Use an existing list and then click on Browse. Find the Excel list we saved earlier and open it.

Select the only table in the spreadsheet…

…and click OK on this screen. We don’t need to change anything here. Then move ahead to the next step in the mail merge.

In Step 4 we will choose which field to display on the label. Place the cursor inside the 1st label, then click More Items. Insert the Barcode field as shown below then click OK.

Press the Update All Labels button to apply your changes to all of the labels.

Apply A Barcode Font

In Step 5, we can now see the barcode numbers displayed on our labels. That’s a step in the right direction but we want to see an actual barcode instead.

To do this we will need to download a barcode font. I recommend this EAN-13 font from Font Palace.

After the font is downloaded open it up and click Install.

Now the EAN-13 font is available in Microsoft Word. Change the barcode number’s font to EAN-13 and the barcode image appear.

We’re done! We can complete the mail merge and print the labels.


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Matthew Devaney

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1 year ago

There is another way to print barcodes in Word mail merge. Use the MergeBarcode field code:
Field codes: MergeBarcode – Microsoft Support
You can create QR or linear barcodes without any extra font installation. Place the cursor inside the 1st label where you want the barcode (step 4 in the above example), press Ctrl-F9 and insert the barcode field code with the options you want (see MS Support link above for all options). I’ve successfully used it to create QR codes for barcode number values but also to encode web links.