Power Platform Conference Discount Code ($100 Off)

Power Platform Conference Discount Code ($100 Off)

Hello my fellow humans 😸

I’m Matthew Devaney. The guy who blogs about Power Apps every week and is slightly obsessed with cats 🐈

This year I’ll be speaking at Power Platform Conference 2023 in Las Vegas. You do know what I’m talking about, right? It’s the largest Power Platform event of the year and every one you know is going to be there 🙀

When you register, make sure to use my Power Platform Conference discount code DEVANEY100 to get $100 off.

Then you’ll have a few extra bucks in your pocket for the blackjack tables 🃏. Or you could use that cash to go see a Vegas show 🎤.

Just don’t do something boring like save your company a bunch of money 😴

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s your discount code? 💸

A: 👇

Discount Code: DEVANEY 100

Q: Why should I use YOUR Power Platform Conference discount code Matthew? 🤔 💭

A: You save $100. And I get a referral fee. It’s a win-win. And a great way to support the site.

Q: What’s your obsession with cats? 🐱‍💻

A: I can’t tell you. It’s purr-sonal 🐾

Q: Will I be able to meet you in-person at Power Platform Conference? 👋

A: I’m flattered. Yes, c’mon down to one of my sessions and I’d love to talk with you afterwards. I’m also open to fist bumps, hand shakes, bro-hugs and plain old high fives.

How do I apply the Power Platform Conference discount code? 😎

  1. Go to the Power Platform Conference website
  2. Click Register at the top of page
  3. Fill-in the registration form with the discount code DEVANEY100

Matthew Devaney

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7 months ago

Registered and used your code… thanks so much! Hope to meet you there.