Power Automate: Save An Email Message To SharePoint

Power Automate: Save An Email Message To SharePoint

It is a common task to save a copy of an email message to SharePoint as backup. With Power Automate, we can save incoming/outgoing email messages and their attachments to a SharePoint Document library. We also have the option to place the email message in a folder or add metadata to make it easier to find later on.

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• Introduction: The Legal Department Emails ArchiveSetup The SharePoint Document Library To Hold EmailsConfigure The "When A New Email Arrives" Trigger SettingsExport And Save The Email To SharePointRun The Power Automate Flow To Save An Email To SharePoint

The legal department at an insurance company has conversations with outside counsel through email. A Power Automate flow is used to save incoming emails to SharePoint as an [.eml] file.

The saved emails can be re-opened in Outlook along with their attachments.

Setup The SharePoint Document Library To Hold Emails

Create a new document library named Legal Conversations in SharePoint. This document library will be where emails are saved to.

Configure The “When A New Email Arrives” Trigger Settings

Open Power Automate and create a new automated flow using the Office 365 Outlook – When A New Email Arrives In A Shared Mailbox (V3) trigger. Choose the Folder named Inbox.

Go to the trigger’s Settings and enable Split On. This tells Power Automate to evaluate each email individually as it arrives in the inbox.

Export And Save The Email To SharePoint

To get the email’s content we must export it. Insert an Office 365 Outlook – Export Email (V2) action and supply the Message Id from the flow’s trigger. Use the same shared mailbox address as the trigger does.

Note that the export email action only works with a shared mailbox.

Then add a SharePoint – Create File action to the flow. Target the Legal Conversations document library in the Folder Path. Use the received email’s subject as the filename followed by the extension [.eml]. Load the File Content property with the body of the export email action.

Run The Power Automate Flow To Save An Email To SharePoint

We’re done. Save the flow and perform a manual test by sending an email to the target inbox.

The flow will complete successfully and a new email will show in the SharePoint document library.

Open the email to view its contents. Attachments cannot be shown while in SharePoint. To do this, press the Download button then open the email file in Outlook.

The attachments are able to be opened now.


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Matthew Devaney

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19 days ago

Thank you for this article. Is it the same use when emails arrive in a Teams channel? Thanks again

19 days ago

Thank you for the message.
In a Teams channel, you can get the email from the channel by clicking on (…) “get the email”. You can send an email and a message in Teams.

19 days ago

“Attachments cannot be shown while in SharePoint”

For us, this was a significant downside of saving the email as-is.

Instead, I created a flow sets up a folder for each email named “Email from <email address> <date and time>”, sets the title of the folder to the email subject, and saves the email body (as html) and each attachment to that folder. Most attachments can then be opened directly from SharePoint.

This runs from an app which allows the user to select emails to save, as we didn’t want to save every email coming in.

18 days ago

Cheers mate – very easy to follow – appreciate it

Wayne Wallace
Wayne Wallace
17 days ago

Loved it, Thanks for sharing!