Power Apps Date Picker – Modern Controls


A Power Apps date picker control enables the user to select a date from a calendar. Its purpose is to provide a convenient and error-free way for the user to input a date, reducing the likelihood of mistakes and improving the overall user experience.


Screen readers will voice this text when a user selects the control
Describes the language used to the audience (e.g. “en-US”)
Selects the mode: Edit, View or Disabled. In Edit mode the user can input values. In View mode the user can only see the values and in Disabled mode the control is greyed-out.

= DisplayMode.Disabled
= DisplayMode.Edit
= DisplayMode.View
Distance from the top of the control to the bottom
Actions that will be executed when the Value property of the Date Picker changes
Highlights the control’s border when no value is entered.

Initial value displayed in the control before the user interacts with it. Can also be used as an output property to get the current value of the Date Picker.
Determines whether to show or hide the control
Distance from the left side of the control to the right side
Distance from the left edge of the screen to the left side of the control
Distance from the top edge of the screen to the top of the control

How To Setup The Power Apps Date Picke Control

1. Select the date picker control in Power Apps studio. Set the Default property value to define the date picker’s initial state.


2. Click on the date picker control to open the calendar. Select a date from the calendar.

3. Get the date picker’s current value by using this code.



If you have any questions or feedback about Power Apps Date Picker – Modern Controls please leave a message in the comments section below. You can post using your email address and are not required to create an account to join the discussion.

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Ez Otb
Ez Otb
1 month ago

I’ve looked for it, but can’t find it. Maybe it hasn’t rolled out yet? It is not part of the Modern Controls drop down list

1 month ago
Reply to  Ez Otb

Hi @Ez Otb, modern controls still in experimental mode.

To activate it, you need to go on your app settings, in “feature preview” menu I guess, then choose “Experimental” menu and found in this list something like “modern controls” – activate it and go back to your app.

Now, you should found it in the insert controls menu.

I woul take a screeshoot for you but my screen’s are saddly only in French :/

Matt Adams
Matt Adams
1 month ago

When collecting the value i can only see a random number stored on the new collection feature.

Last edited 1 month ago by Matt Adams
1 month ago

If I leave ‘Value’ blank and then select a date from the picker, it seems to disappear next time I navigate to the screen where it is placed.

A label which is ‘supposed’ to display the date also doesn’t pickup anything when I seem to change dates, weird.

Andrew Ng
Andrew Ng
1 month ago

anyone found a way to blank out the date?

1 month ago

Thanks Matthew.

Chasing a way to fine tune it to highlights days or to manage days available to pick or not, and so on…. not available today, hope this will coming in near future or a workaround may exist already ?

18 days ago

It’s a shame there is no way to set the display format to my region i.e. dd/mm/yyyy. I have tried entering my Content Language but that doesn’t change the format. Also no ability to change design colours. Will continue using Creator Kit for now

Jan Willem
Jan Willem
10 days ago

The new controls look much better, but I can’t get it in the Dutch notation dd-mm-yyyy.
Any idea? Or is this not possible at the moment?